Les Fils Maye

Members of the Les Fils Maye family now look after 30 hectares of vineyards in the most beautiful area of Wallis, including the famous “Clos de Balavaud”. The winery was founded in 1889 and it is one of the oldest ones in Switzerland. It plays an important role in cultivating and pressing grapes of the entire region. Their great reputation is based on an excellent quality of the produce. Their wines are highly appreciated also by wine experts. The winemakers are passionate about the selection of varieties, environmental protection, control of pesticides and fertilizers. They study the plants and analyze their nutritional needs.  It all contributes to the enrichment of the floral variety of scents, the intensity of tastes, the personality of the wine and finally the improvement of the experience. What a wonderful feeling it is to reveal the harmony of a new grape variety. Grapevine is our universe, Wallis our world and wine our planet. A promising future has its roots in the past.