Chevalier Bayard

As a third-generation family business, the winery builds on grandfather Jeremias Bayard’s heritage and brings new know-how to the process of winemaking. There is a close contact between the family, customers and local partners. Grape suppliers are also people from the region. Art, culture and social life are part of the country and the region at every step. The winemakers continuously strive to optimize the quality of wines in order to minimize the need for use of chemical protection. They are also encouraged to run their businesses in a sustainable and chemical-free way. For newly planted plants, for example, the ideal grape varieties are selected based on detailed analysis of soil and location. Varen is located on the terrace above Pfynwald in Pfyn / Finges. This unique landscape is characterized by lots of sunshine, low precipitation and limy soil. The orientation of the slopes to the south supports the formation of deep root systems that allow production of complex wines.