St. Jodern Kellerei

The winery in Visperterminen has a very long tradition. Archaeological findings have proven that already the Celts have been active in the wine-growing in Visperterminen area. Another indication of Celtic origin is that the old wine in Wallis comes from the area of today’s France. The birth of St. Jodern cellars was linked with a change in way of life of local population that gave the wine a different meaning. The wine was a constant companion at work. Its consumption was gradually falling while other beverages were on the rise. In late 1970’s, a great profit came from the wine harvest. Based on this event, it was decided to establish a winery in Visperterminen in 1979. For the last 30 years, wines from Europe´s highest altitude vineyard have been processed here in St. Jodern Kellerei Visperterminen Nowadays, the wine from the St. Jodern Visperterminen cellars belong to the top wines in Europe.